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Group of Political, Moral and Legal Philosophy of the University of Barcelona

Research Projects

The R&D funded projects in which the research group has participated in the last decade are detailed below.


Project title: The Legitimacy of Governance in Times of Crisis: Analysis of the Functioning of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) in Spain, Portugal and Italy from 2010 to 2015

Financing entity: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Project identification: DER2014-53891-P
Duration: 2015-2017
Principal Investigator: Dr. José Antonio Estévez Araújo


Project title: Analysis, Systematization, Foundation and Evaluation of New Forms of Legal Regulation


Financing entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation
Project identification: DER2011-28594
Duration: 2012-2014

Principal Investigator: Dr. José Antonio Estévez Araújo

Links of interest

Last publications



Project title: Legal and Political Changes Resulting from Globalization in the Area of Democracy and Human Rights. Forms of Participation and Areas of Exclusion in the Exercise of Human Rights; Opacity and Exclusion within Institutions and Decision-Making Processes in the Context of Globalization


Financing entity: Secretariat of State for Universities and Research
Project identification: SEJ2006-08212
Duration: 2006-2008
Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan Ramón Capella Hernández


Project title: Support for the Consolidated Research Groups - Philosophy of Law Research Group


Financing entity: Agency for Management of University and Research Grants
Project identification: SGR00090 REF. 035452
Duration: 2005-2008
Principal Investigator:
 Dr. Juan Ramón Capella Hernández


Project title: DEDEL SDEC – Développement équilibré et développement local: application du SDEC


Financing entity: European Community - European Regional Development Fund
Project identification: 3S00321
Duration: 2004-2006
Principal Investigator:
 Dr. Juan Ramón Capella Hernández


Project title: Integration of State and European citizenships in the areas of Rights Governance, Interculturality, Gender, Public Communication and New Technologies

Financing entity: Secretaría de Estado de Universidades e Investigación
Project identification: BJU03-07456
Duration: 2003-2006
Principal Investigator:
 Dr. Juan Ramón Capella Hernández

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